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Be a Part of the African Society of Thoracic Surgery

Join the Movement

Become a member of the African Society of Thoracic Surgery today and align yourself with a community that is actively shaping the future of thoracic surgery across Africa. By joining us, you not only contribute to but also benefit from a network dedicated to excellence in patient care and innovation in surgical practices.

Membership Benefits

As a member, you will have access to our exclusive educational programs, masterclasses, and online platforms for knowledge sharing. You will be part of a robust network of professionals where mentorship, collaboration, and professional growth are at the forefront. Members also have the opportunity to participate in our research initiatives and contribute to the development of thoracic surgery in the region.

Membership Fee

The annual membership fee is $50. This fee is crucial in supporting the various activities and resources of the Society, ensuring that we can continue to provide high-quality services and opportunities to our members.

Make an Impact

Your membership is more than just a professional affiliation; it is a commitment to the advancement of thoracic surgery in Africa and an investment in your own professional development. Together, we can make a significant impact in the field of thoracic surgery, improving patient outcomes and elevating the standard of surgical care across the continent.

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