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About Us

About Us

Aims to Fundamentally Change the Landscape of Thoracic Surgery in Africa

The African Society of Thoracic Surgery, established in Kenya in 2023, represents a groundbreaking initiative in the medical field of thoracic surgery.

Founded by a dedicated group of surgeons passionate about nurturing and showcasing homegrown talent, this organization aims to fundamentally change the landscape of thoracic surgery in Africa. Its primary focus is to localize investments and efforts in critical areas such as education, research, and development, thereby fostering a self-sustaining and advanced medical environment within the continent.

Recognizing the challenges faced by African surgeons in

accessing high-quality education and training, often necessitating travel to other continents, the Society has set up a robust network across several African countries. This network is instrumental in organizing training sessions, masterclasses, and other educational programs, thereby creating opportunities for surgeons to receive top-tier education in their home countries. This approach not only enhances the skills of individual surgeons but also contributes to the overall improvement of medical standards and practices in thoracic surgery across the continent.

The Society’s commitment to localizing thoracic surgery expertise in Africa is a testament to its dedication to improving healthcare standards and making high-quality medical education accessible to all. By investing in local talent and resources, the African Society of Thoracic Surgery is paving the way for a new era in medical excellence on the continent, ensuring that African surgeons are at the forefront of advancements in thoracic surgery.

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